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Telangana University
Nizamabad - 503322, TELANGANA STATE, India
(Established under the Act 28 of 2006. A.P.)

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Contact Us
:: Administration Staff of Telangana University ::
Phone No.
E-Mail Id
Sri. C.Parthasarathi, IAS Hon'ble Vice-Chancellor (I/c) +91-8461-222217 vc@telanganauniversity.ac.in
Prof. R.Limbadri Registrar (I/c) +91-8461-222211 registrar@telanganauniversity.ac.in
Sri. Zhakeer Ahmed Khan Finance Officer +91-8461-221166 tufinanceofficer@gmail.com
Prof. Y.Jayaprakash Rao Director, Directorate of Academic Audit Cell +91-8461-222215 tudirectordaa@gmail.com
Dr. M.Mamatha Deputy Director,Directorate of Academic Audit Cell +91-8461-222215 tujtdirectordaa@gmail.com
Prof. Naseem Dean, College Development Council +91-8461-222216 tudeancdc@gmail.com
Prof. Y.Jayaprakash Rao UGC Co-Ordinator tudeanugc@gmail.com
Dr. Gul-E-Rana Asst. Co-Ordinator, UGC tudeanugc@gmail.com
Dr. M.Aruna Co-Ordinator
Internal Quality Assurance Cell
Dr. Athar Sulthana Director, Centre for Distance Education tudirectordedun@gmail.com
Dr. Boyapati Shirisha Director, Centre for Research Development & Extension tupcofficer@gmail.com
Mrs. B.Nandini Director, Women Cell tuwomencell@gmail.com
Prof. Naseem Controller Of Examinations +91-8461-222214 tucoe1@gmail.com
Dr. P.Nagaraj Addl. Controller Of Examinations +91-8461-222214 tuacoe1@gmail.com
Dr. G.Rambabu Asst. Controller Of Examinations(Confidential) +91-8461-222214 tuacoe2@gmail.com
Dr. M.Satya Narayana Asst. Controller Of Examinations(Confidential) +91-8461-222214 tuacoe3@gmail.com
Dr.G.Balkishan Asst. Controller Of Examinations +91-8461-222214 tuacoe4@gmail.com
Dr. K.Lavanya Asst. Controller Of Examinations +91-8461-222214 tuacoe4@gmail.com
Mrs. Ch.Arathi Programme Co-Ordinator, NSS +91-8461-222219 tunssprgco@gmail.com
Prof. R.Limbadri
First Appellate Authority under RTI Act +91-8461-222211 tupublicinfo@gmail.com
Dr. K.Prasanna Rani PIO under RTI Act 9393109733 tuapublicinfo@gmail.com
Mrs. B.Sravanthi Asst. PIO under RTI Act 9912337655 tuapublicinfo@gmail.com
Dr. K.Raja Ram Public Relations Officer +91-8461-221011 pro@telanganauniversity.ac.in
Dr. Mohd.Abdul Quavi Asst. Public Relations Officer +91-8461-221011 pro@telanganauniversity.ac.in
Dr. Ch.Laxmana Chakravarthy Director, Career Guidance & Placement Cell tupcofficer@gmail.com
Dr. K.Sampath Kumar Nodal Officer, Statistical Cell tuscno@gmail.com
Dr. M.Praveen Director, SC/ST Cell tuscstcell@gmail.com
Dr. L.Shobha Rani Director, Legal Cell & Legal Aid Clinic tulegalcell@gmail.com
Dr. Kyser Mohd Director, Infrastructure Development
Dr. B. Sailu Co-Ordinator, Infrastructure Development tudeanugc@gmail.com
Dr. Y.Prabhanjan Kumar Director,RCSECRST
Dr. G.BalaSrinivasa Murthy Deputy Director,RCSECRST
Dr. Mohd.Jameel Ahmed Director,Minority Cell
Dr. M.Mamata Co-ordinator, Games & Sports
Dr. P.Srinivas Director, BC Cell
Mrs. B.Sravanthi Nodal Officer,Grievances and Redressal Cell(Student Affairs)
Mr. Atheeq Sultan Ghori Co-ordinator, Network & Web Counselling
Mrs. A.Neelima Co-Ordinator,CBT & computer Lab courses
(other than MCA& M.Com)
Dr. Gul-E-Rana Co-ordinator, Internal Assessment & Seminars
Dr. K.Lavanya Co-Ordinator, Publication Cell
Dr. Athar Sulthana Director, Directorate of Admissions
Dr. B.Venkateshwarlu Assistant Director, Directorate of Admissions
Dr. K.Aparna Director, Equal opportunity Cell
Dr. G.Balasrinivasa Murthy Director, Competitive Examinations Coaching Centre
Dr. G.Vani Director,Centre for Entrepreneurship Development
Prof. P.Kanakaiah Principal
College of Humanities, Dichpally
+91-8461-221012 tuprincipal1@gmail.com
Prof. B.Vidya Vardhini Principal
College of Sciences, Dichpally
Dr. Jetling Yellosa Principal
College of Law, Dichpally
Prof. T.Satyanarayana Chary Principal
College of Commerce & Business Managment, Dichpally
Dr. P.Samata Principal (I/c)
University College of Education
Dr. G.Praveena Bai Vice-Principal
College of Humanities, Dichpally
Dr. D.Johnson Vice-Principal
College of Social Sciences, Dichpally
Dr. K.Sampath Kumar Vice-Principal
College of Sciences, Dichpally
Dr. J.V.Siva Kumar Vice-Principal
College of Law, Dichpally
Dr. V.Rajeshwari Vice-Principal
College of Commerce & Business Managment, Dichpally
Dr. Ravinder Reddy Chief Warden, Hostels & Messes
Main Campus, Dichpally
Mr. T.Sampath Mess Warden
Boys Hostel, Main Campus, Dichpally
Dr. Mahender Aileni Warden
Boys Hostel, Main Campus, Dichpally
Mrs. P.Shantha Bai Warden
Girls Hostel, Main Campus, Dichpally
Dr. D.Sabitha Principal(I/c)
South Campus, Bhiknur
Mr. B.Anjaiah Warden
Boys Hostel, South Campus, Bhiknur
Dr. L.Haritha Warden
Girls Hostel, South Campus, Bhiknur
Telangana University, Nizamabad-503322(T.S)
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