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తెలంగాణ విశ్వవిద్యాలయం
Nizamabad - 503322, TELANGANA, India
(Established under the Act 28 of 2006. A.P.)

Self-Study Report for 1st Cycle of Accreditation by NAAC

Self-Study Report for 1st Cycle of Accreditation by NAAC      

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Telangana University has an established Alumni Association. The alumni association of the university is contributing in different ways to the university. One of the alumni members has also sponsored a gold medal for the students of the mass communication course. The elected alumni association has conducted a grand meeting after the first convocation of the university. Students as soon as they pass out of the university, they will register in the alumni association. The alumni association has also played a crucial role during the NAAC accreditation process. The alumni association conducts its meeting regularly and all the members associate with the university administration to contribute their bit to the university development.



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