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Self-Study Report for 1st Cycle of Accreditation by NAAC

Self-Study Report for 1st Cycle of Accreditation by NAAC      

Criteria of Admissions / Rules & Regulations

The following are the Rules to be followed by the candidates admitted into University College, Telangana University.


1. If a candidate puts in required percentage of attendance but fails to pay examination fee due to any reason will not be permitted to continue for further semesters and if he/she requests for obtaining T.C., he/she has to pay total fee pertaining to that academic year.
2. The candidate admitted into I-Semester and puts in 75% of attendance but fails to pay examination fee due to any reason will not be allowed to continue the course i.e., he/she forfeits the admission. The candidate must pay I-year total fee for obtaining T.C., and other Original Certificates.
3. The candidate admitted into I-Semester of any course and desires to leave the institution for any reason must pay total fee of I year.
4. The candidate seeking admission into I-Semester must submit Anti-Ragging bond duly signed by the candidate and Parent/Guardian.


The system of examination for all courses under semester system is as follows:

1. A candidate admitted has to put in a minimum of 75 percent attendance both in theory and practical to appear for examination. In case of deficiency in attendance a condonation to the extent of 10 percent on medical grounds subject to production of Medical Certificate and on payment of prescribed fee is allowed.
2. Except Five Year Courses viz. M.A. Applied Economics, M.Sc. Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Three Year courses viz. MCA and LLB, all other courses are for a period of Four-semester duration.
3. The evaluation of each paper, both theory and practical, will be for 100 marks. Of which 80 marks is for University examination and 20 marks for Internal Assessment.
4. The minimum pass marks in each paper (both theory and practical) is 40 percent of the maximum marks in the University examination as well as for Internal Assessment.


At the end of II, IV, VI & VIII semester a candidate has to pass 50% of the I, III, V & VII semester papers. If not, he/she will not be promoted.


1. Student will be admitted into Hostel initially for One year.
2. Hostel admission is considered for first time PG course only. No hostel accommodation is provided for 2nd course in the campus.
3. Hostel allotment is done by the Principal’s / Vice-Principal’s (Hostel & Messes) office only after verifying all the necessary documents and fee receipts produced.
4. The following amount has to be paid as advance for admission into Hostel along with Hostel application form at the time of admission for I-Semester.
                                          a. OC Rs. 8,000/-
                                          b. BC Rs. 6,000/-
                                          c. SC / ST Rs. 4,000/-
                                          d. Physically Challenged (PHC) Rs. 1,000/-
5. The boarders have to clear the hostel dues of the corresponding academic year to get accommodation & mess for next academic year.
6. Allotment of Hostel facility is on the basis of residential distance i.e., a minimum of 20 Km. from their native place.

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