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తెలంగాణ విశ్వవిద్యాలయం
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(Established under the Act 28 of 2006. A.P.)

Self-Study Report for 1st Cycle of Accreditation by NAAC

Self-Study Report for 1st Cycle of Accreditation by NAAC      
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Decision Making Process


The following are the decision making authorities of the University which are constituted by the State Government.

1. Executive Council

The functions and powers of the Executive Council:

1. To direct the form, custody and use of the common seal of the University;

2. To hold control and administer the property and funds of the University;

3. To enter into, vary, carry out and cancel contracts on behalf of the University in the exercise of performance of the powers and duties assigned to it by this Act and the Statutes;

4. a. To accept on behalf of the University, endowments, requests, donations and other transfers of property made to it;

b. To administer all funds placed at the disposal of the University for specific purposes;

5. Subject to such Statues as may be prescribed in this behalf:

a. to appoint the teachers of the University below the rank of lecturers.

b. to appoint the teachers of the University and above the rank of lecturers on the recommendations of the Selection Committee constituted for the purpose;

Provided that the Executive Council may invite any person of high academic distinction and professional attainments to accept a post of Professor in the University and appoint him to that post;

Provided further that if the Executive Council rejects the selections made by the Selection Committee, the matter shall be referred by the University to the State Government whose decision thereon shall be final;

c. to fix emoluments of the teachers of the University and define their duties and conditions of the service;

6. to suspend, remove or dismiss teachers of the University subject to such ordinances as may be made in this behalf;

7. to appoint, dismiss, remove or suspend any member of the non-teaching staff of the University;

8. to fix the emoluments of the employees of the University and define their duties and the conditions of their service;

9. to award fellowships, traveling fellowships, scholarships, exhibitions, bursaries, studentships, medals and prizes in accordance with such rules as may be made in this behalf; appoint examiners in consultations with the Board of Studies and to fix their fees; conduct University examinations and to approve and publish the results thereof; prescribe the fees to be charges for admission to the examinations, degrees, diplomas and oriental titles of the University; charge and collect such tuition and other fees as may be prescribed by the ordinances for admission to courses of study in the Colleges and Institutions of the University; manage and control all Colleges, Hostels, Libraries, Laboratories, Museums and the like, instituted and maintained by the University; establish, manage and control a department of Publications, a University Press, an Employment Bureau, Student Union, University Extension Boards, University Athletic Clubs and other similar associations; affiliate Colleges to the University as Honours Degree, Oriental or Professional Colleges prescribed by the Academic Senate and to suspend or withdraw such affiliation after consolidation with Academic Senate; confer in consultation with the Academic Senate either suo moto or on a representation received in this behalf from a College and autonomy on any College in the university area and to likewise withdraw such autonomy; grant recognition to the institution and oriental colleges under conditions prescribed by Statutes after consultation with the Academic Senate and to suspend or withdraw such recognition after consultation with the Academic Senate; direct the inspection of affiliated recognized colleges and institutions; call for reports and returns and other information from affiliated or recognized colleges and institutions; recognize hostels not maintained by the University and to suspend or withdraw such recognition there from supervise and control the residence and discipline of the students of the University and make arrangements for promoting the health and well being. recommend to the Chancellor on the motion of the Vice-Chancellor the conferment of honorary degrees and other academic distinctions; make, amend or repeal Regulations, Statutes and Ordinances; delegate any of its powers to the Vice-Chancellor or to a committee from among its own members or to any employees of the University; regulate and determine all matters concerning the administration of the University in accordance with the Statutes, the Ordinances and the Regulations and to exercise such other powers or duties as may be conferred or imposed by this Act; establish and maintain University Colleges; provide for research and advancement and dissemination of knowledge; create posts or professors, readers, lecturers and other teaching posts required by the University; establish, equip and maintain the University laboratories and libraries; control, in general all Colleges in the University area in the manner prescribed by Statutes; confer degrees and other academic distinctions on persons who have pursued approved courses of study in a University College or an Affiliated College or Oriental College, unless exempted therefrom in the manner prescribed by the Regulations and shall have passed the prescribed examination of the University or shall have carried on research under conditions prescribed; confer honorary degrees or distinctions on approved persons in the manner prescribed; provide for allowances, traveling allowances, scholarships, exhibitions, bursaries, studentships, medals and prizes; provide for lecturers and instructions to persons not being students of the University and to grant diplomas to them; establish and maintain hostels; prescribe the fees to be charges for the affiliation and recognition of Colleges; prepare the annual reports and annual accounts and the financial estimates of the University for submission to the Academic Senate; enter into any agreement with the Government or with the private management for assuming the management of any institution and taking over its properties and liabilities for any other purpose not repugnant to the provisions of the Act; exercise all the powers of the University not otherwise provided for, and all powers requisite to give effect to the provisions of the Act;

The University office is the administrative office for the transaction of business of the University and conducts all correspondence relating to the University under the directions of the Vice-Chancellor who is the academic head and Principal and Executive Officers of the University exercises general control over its affairs.

The University office composes of the following main branches.

1. Academic Branch

2. Accounts Branch

3. Administration Branch

4. Examination Branch

The Registrar who is the controlling and main administrative officer, who will be assisted by other subordinate officers in day to day function of the office.

The activities of the University are been guided by the Authorities of University at various levels.

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