Telangana University

తెలంగాణ విశ్వవిద్యాలయం
Nizamabad - 503322, TELANGANA, India
(Established under the Act 28 of 2006. A.P.)

Self-Study Report for 1st Cycle of Accreditation by NAAC

Self-Study Report for 1st Cycle of Accreditation by NAAC      
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Directory of Officers & Employees

Phone No.
E-Mail Id
Sri. Sandeep Kumar Sultania, IAS Hon'ble Vice-Chancellor +91-8461-222217
Prof. M.Yadagiri Registrar +91-8461-222211
Sri. Khader Mohiuddin Finance Officer
Academic cum Administrative Officer
Prof.G.Chandra Shekhar Director, Directorate of Academic Audit Cell +91-8461-222215
Dr. Md. Atheeq Sultan Ghori Joint Director, Directorate of Academic Audit Cell +91-8461-222215
Prof.K. Lavanya Liaisoning with INFLIBNIT & Library In-Charge
Prof. Khyser Mohd. Dean, College Development Council +91-8461-222216
Prof.M.Aruna Controller Of Examinations +91-8461-222214 (For Quries)
Dr. B.Sailu Addl. Controller Of Examinations (PG Confidential) +91-8461-222214
Dr. P. Shantha Bai Addl. Controller Of Examinations (UG Confidential) +91-8461-222214
Dr. B. Nandini Addl. Controller Of Examinations (EDP Section) +91-8461-222214
Dr. G. Balakishan Addl. Controller Of Examinations (General) +91-8461-222214
Prof. Ch.Anjaneyulu Director, UGC Affairs
Dr. V. Chandrashekhar Co-Ordinator, RUSA/PM-USHA
Prof. K.Ravinder Reddy Programme Co-Ordinator, NSS +91-8461-222219
Dr. N.Swapna Programme Officer, NSS Unit – I, Main Campus +91-8461-222219
Dr. Mahender Aileni Programme Officer, NSS Unit – II, Main Campus +91-8461-222219
Dr. T.Sampath Programme Officer, NSS Unit – III, Main Campus +91-8461-222219
Dr. B.Sravanthi Programme Officer, NSS Unit – IV, Main Campus +91-8461-222219
Dr. B.Anjaiah Programme Officer, NSS Unit – V, South Campus
Dr. Haritha Lakkaraju Programme Officer, NSS Unit – VI, South Campus
Prof. K.Sampath Kumar Director, DOA & Co-ordinator, HLCentre for DOST 08461-221131
Mrs. A. Neelima APIO under RTI Act
Dr. K. Prasanna Rani Director, Legal Cell
Dr. B.Sravanthi Director, Legal Aid Clinic
Dr. A.Punnaiah Public Relations Officer +91-8461-221011
Dr. Saritha Pitla Assistant Public Relations Officer, South Campus
Dr. M.Satyanarayana Co-Ordinator, Publication Cell
Prof. Ch. Arathi Principal, University College
Main Campus
Dr. K.Prasanna Rani Principal
College of Law, Dichpally
Dr. M.Satyanarayana Vice Principal, University College
Dr. Kasula Kiranmayee Warden, Girls Hostel
Main Campus, Dichpally
Dr. Mahender Aileni Chief Warden for Hostels
Main Campus, Dichpally
Dr. Md. Jameel Ahmed Warden
Old Boys Hostel, Main Campus, Dichpally
Dr. S.Ganga Kishan Assistant Warden
New Boys Hostel, Main Campus, Dichpally
Dr. Kiran Rathod Warden
Old Boys Hostel, Main Campus, Dichpally
Dr. M.Rajeshwari Warden
Girls Hostel, Main Campus, Dichpally
Prof. K. Lavanya Director, Cultural Activities & Youth Welfare Officer
Dr. MB. Bramarambika Director, Women Cell
K.Vaishali Assistant Director, Women Cell
South Campus, Bhiknoor
Dr. G.Balakishan Director, Sports & Games, Main Campus
Dr. R.Sudhakar Goud In-charge, Sports & Games, South Campus
Prof. Ch.Arathi Director, BC Cell
Dr. A.A.Haleem Khan Director, Minority Cell
Dr. M.B. Bramarambika Director, SC/ST Cell
Dr. Md. Abdul Quavi Director, Equal Opportunities Cell
Dr. Naga Raj Director
Internal Quality Assurance Cell
Prof. K.Sampath Kumar Nodal Officer, Statistical Cell
Prof. Aparna Director, Infrastructure, Network & Web Counselling
Dr. B.Nandini Entrepreneurship Cell
Dr. V. Rajeshwari Director, Grievance Cell
Dr. B.Sailu Principal
College of Education, Sarangapur
Dr. R.Sudhakar Goud Principal
South Campus, Bhiknoor
Dr. K.Rajeshwari Vice Principal South Campus, Bhiknur
Dr. M. Yaladri Warden
Boys Hostel, South Campus, Bhiknur
G.Suneetha Warden
Girls Hostel, South Campus, Bhiknur
Dr. B.Veerabhadram Co-Ordinator, Competitive Examination Cell,
South Campus
Dr. G.Lalitha Co-Ordinator, Examinations,
South Campus
Dr. Veerabhadram Bhukya In-Charge, Sports & Games,
South Campus
Dr. K.V. Ramana Chary Director, Competitive Examination Cell,
Main Campus
Dr. Patha Nagaraju Director, Training & Placement Cell
Main Campus
Prof. G. Rambabu Nodal Officer, Alumni & Academic Activities
Dr. M.Praveen University Foreign Relations Officer (UFRO)
Dr. V.Srinivas Academic Co-Ordinator
College of Education

Telangana University, Nizamabad - 503322, TELANGANA
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